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 What does live edge mean?

The live edge refers to the meandering, uneven edge of the boards, which are milled to thickness but not squared.  This allows the natural shape of the tree trunk from which the board was cut to remain visible.  

 What You Should Know about Live Edge

Live edge cutting boards and furniture is quickly becoming one of the most popular design choices with home decorators and interior designers. It is furniture commonly crafted out of sustainable or salvaged timbers that retains the natural edge of the wood to bring an organic and natural atmosphere to your home or business. Artisans typically leave the wood in its organic form with organically flowing edges and cracks/knots intact. Live edge cutting boards, benches and tables are gaining worldwide acceptance among customers as their design use can be highly versatile from a rustic style to a highly refined modern look.

 Decorating Your Home with Live Edge 

In simple terms, they are furniture products that take advantage of nature’s natural contours unlike furniture built from dimensional lumber. Instead of removing the natural imperfections of the wood slabs, woodworkers leverage nature’s beauty to create wonderful pieces that serve as functional art forms to be enjoyed for generations of family members.  Its advantages include the following:

  • Each piece is one of a kind – Your live edge bench does not have a duplicate as each piece is like a finger print.
  • Organic furniture is great conversation piece. The natural beauty of the grain and highly figured areas of the wood are seldom seen in retail furniture stores.
  • It is eco-friendly. Most reputable furniture designers purchase wood slabs that are salvaged trees which were diseased or posing a hazard.   Some of the wood may also be harvested through sustainable forestry practices which is beneficial to the health and growth of our forests.

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