Frequently Asked Questions
Materials Used
  • Q. Are your cutting boards made in Canada?
  • A. 95% of our cutting boards are made in Canada, using the highest quality of hardwoods.
  • Q. What wood species do you sell?
  • A. We provide maple, cherry walnut, bamboo hardwoods. 
How to Care for and Maintain the Cutting Board. 
  • Q. Can I put my cutting board in the dishwasher?
  • A. NO-Wood cutting boards or any wood products for that matter should never be put in the dishwasher.  This will cause them to unglue, warp, crack and deteriorate.   Use warm water with a mild detergent, rinse in clean water and air dry.
  • Q. Is the glue used safe?
  • A. All the glue used in the cutting boards is food grade and very safe. 
  • Q. How do I clean my cutting board?
  • A. Rinse your board after each use.  It's a good idea to use a cleaner with anti bacterial properties for a deeper clean. 
  • Q. How do I get rid of stains?
  • A. Use a combination of baking soda and coarse salt.  Begin with a dry cutting board, sprinkle it well with baking soda, then add the salt.  Use a wet brush or sponge and scrub in a circular motion.  You may need to repeat the process more than once to get deep stains out. 
  • Q. How often do I need to add oils/conditioners to my cutting board?
  • A. This all depends on how often the board is used.  I would recommend applying the conditioner once a month to improve its durability.  The oils will also bring out the beautiful rich grain patterns in the board.  Properly maintaining your board will extend its life for years. 
  • Q. How do I apply the oils/wood conditioner to my board?
  • A. What works best is a combination of food grade mineral oil and beeswax.  We sell this combination in our store along with a "care and maintenance sheet".  The wood conditioner compliments the board nicely when purchasing as a gift. You can also cutting board oils in kitchen supply stores. Thoroughly clean you cutting board before you apply the oil, then air dry it.  Apply the mineral oil with a paper towel or soft clean cloth.  Put an even coat on all surfaces.   Let the wood absorb the mineral oil for several hours then wipe it down with another clean cloth or paper towel.  Many people find it convenient to put the wood conditioner on the board in the evening, then wipe it off in the morning. 
  • Q. My cutting board has started to smell.  What can be done to eliminate the smell?
  • A. White vinegar works very well.  Add vinegar to a spray bottle and spritz your board when you begin to notice odors.  Vinegar neutralizes bad smells, and also helps to disinfect the board naturally. 
Personalizing My Board With Laser Engraving
  • Q.  Do you provide laser engraving?
  • A.  YES, that's our specialty.  We have state of the art laser machines that engrave all of our different wood material boards we carry.  The lighter woods ie: maple, cherry and bamboo show up beautifully.  The engraving is more subtly on the darker woods like walnut and roasted maple. Each board has varying wood patterns and the engraving can be lighter or darker depending on the particular grain of each board.   We provide a list of pre-designed templates for a variety of occasions!  Whether you have an upcoming anniversary, wedding, housewarming, retirement or new home we have a design for it.  Select from one of our designs, add 1-2 names or your favourite quote and we'll get that done for you!
  • Q Can you laser engrave my company logo on your boards?
  • A. YES, please send us your logo in svg or eps format.  This is the best format for the laser machine to reduce the pixels and make it a sharp image on the wood.  If you do not have your logo in this format, you can send it in a PDF or JPG and we can see if we can convert it for you. 
  • Q. Can I get a board with a my own custom design?
  • A. YES, we will work with you to create a customized laser engraved design for your cutting board that fits you individual needs.  We have a listing in our catalog that is specific for this purpose.   Please select this listing.

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