100% Natural Bees Wax Wood Paste - locally made in Ottawa, ON Canada                                                                  

       Helps protect and condition your board from stains & food spills.

                          Use it on all your natural wood utensils & bowls.

Cutting Board Oil, Board Butter, Butcher Block Oil


If you are frequently cleaning and using the your board every day it will need to be treated once a month, if not more. The rub will eventually come off in small amounts during cleaning.                                                     

*When you notice reduced shine, it's time to reapply.


Treating your wooden cutting board with our natural bees wax sealant can protect the cutting surface and keep it looking like new. The oil & wax combination prevents the wood from drying out which can lead to warping and cracking. It also keeps water from settling into the small cuts and crevices on the board. Rest assured that our food-grade bees wax sealant is safe to use on cutting boards.

Things You'll Need

1. Our 100% Natural Food Grade Bees Wax Sealant

2. Lint Free Cloth

3. Clean dish cloth, mild liquid soap & kitchen towel.


1. Wash your cutting board with a clean dish cloth and a dab of gentle liquid dish soap. Rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly with a kitchen towel.

2. Use our sealant/paste or purchase a "food grade" or food safe sealant. These sealants are commonly marketed safe to be used on butcher blocks or cutting boards.  

3. Put a small amount of the bees wax sealant onto a clean lint free cloth and rub it in circular motion over the surface of the cutting board. The exact amount of paste will depend on the size of the board, but you want to use enough to coat the entire surface liberally.

4. It's best to let the board sit for one or two hours while the oil & wax combination work its way into the wood. If you have time, let the board sit overnight.

5. If required, wipe the surface of the board with a clean cloth to remove any excess oil.

  Our "All Natural Bees Wax Paste" is a beautiful lightly  scented  paste which can be used to nourish, restore moisture,   add a layer of protection and bring out the deep, rich natural   colors of the wood grain. Can be used on bare wood, new and  used  cutting  boards, wooden toys, leather, stone. 

  Bees wax and oils have been combined and used as a wood   sealant for centuries. We've created the perfect consistency   by combining particular grade levels of bees wax and natural   oils. It has a very light bees wax fragrance that protects   beautifully and better than just oil. 

If properly maintained your board can be past down to generations    depending on how well you care for your board will determine the  amount of years of use you can expect from it. 

We recommend that you follow - "How to Maintain Your Board"  top ensure that your board will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Food liquids can cause swelling, warping or staining when it penetrates.    it’s best to clean up spills right away

Wood is very sensitive to changes in relative humidity.Wood does best in moderate conditions, without extreme fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity of about 50-55%

  • Do not store or hang cutting boards or place wood furniture near a heat sources, such as beside a stove top, close to radiators, or fireplaces.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Reduce the amount of sunlight on boards or wood furniture.